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    Large Rice Processing Machine Scientific Purchasing Skills

    Date:2017-03-08 15:54:38 Writer:


    large rice processing machine

    General enterprises in the purchase of LARGE RICE PROCESSING MACHINE, nothing less than to see the brand, price and after-sales service, but the most important thing is to look at the large rice processing machine itself is reliable. Scientific identification method will always increase the credibility, I believe that this method of identification will help a lot of people interested in rice processing in order to buy your satisfaction with the large rice processing machine.


    Then in the case of excluding all external factors, enterprises in the purchase of large rice processing machine, how to distinguish between high-quality large rice processing machine and general machine? Some people may say that people who buy that, let's inquire about which one is good , but still hesitate when making a decision.


    Measurement of large rice processing machine indicators are divided into process performance indicators, mechanical performance indicators and technical and economic performance indicators, which is based on process performance indicators. Large rice processing machine process performance indicators is to ensure product quality under the premise of the rice rate is the primary. In the standard rice, the application of rough rate, rice crushed, rough white uneven, white rice temperature rise and tons of white power consumption five indicators; grinding special rice can not rough white uneven indicators. Our assessment of the accuracy of the finished product to the sensory-based, the accuracy of the difference, and the difference between the accuracy of the five indicators of the larger impact, so each indicator should provide an allowable error range, the test results of large rice processing machine if it is in the allowable range, although each has difference, its performance can be considered is the same.


    In addition, enterprises in the purchase of large rice processing machine, to take into account the various circumstances and factors, to be careful and scientific attitude to make judgments.

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