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    Mini Rice Milling Machine Troubleshooting Methods

    Date:2017-03-01 16:27:56 Writer:

    Mini Rice Milling Machine

    MINI RICE MILLING MACHINE appears processing quality or reduce production efficiency and other issues, we should first check whether the original grain moisture content is too high or too low, and then adjust the machine according to the different phenomenon.


    1. Rice bran is not clear. Adjust the fan speed to reach the rated speed, adjust the air volume adjustment board, increase the air volume; tighten the fan pulley, eliminate the belt slip; replace the fan impeller to ensure air volume; check the vibration lever and tension spring is off, vibration roller and the wheel is separated , and adjust the distance; check whether the vibrating screen is off.


    2. Fine bran in the run grain or rice in the grain increased. If the fine bran running grain or coarse bran, should remove the cover and chassis contact surface debris, locking the cover; repair or replace the rice sieve; re-install, adjust the wind shield, increase the air volume, reduce wind speed. If the grain is increased in the rice, should adjust the import box board, rice knife or ram; replace the cover.


    3. Yield decline. Adjust the pressure of the whitening chamber to ensure the spindle reaches the rated speed; replace the wear and tear of the roller, re-adjust the import and export box board opening.


    4. The rice machine is jammed. Adjust the import and export box board opening; parking check whether the sieve is blocked, such as plugging should be cleaned to make it smooth, and clean up the export blockage of the bran. Check the cause of the belt slip and eliminate it in time. When the grain has too much debris, should be cleaned up.


    The above is the mini rice milling machine troubleshooting methods, after the operation process, according to different phenomena to adjust to reduce the damage of mini rice milling machine to improve its working efficiency.

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