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    Rice Milling Machine Service Life

    Date:2016-08-17 16:18:42 Writer:

    Rice Milling Machine Service Life

    What affects RICE MILLING MACHINE SERVICE LIFE? Here, we take MNMP15 Iron Roll Husked Rice Milling Machine as the example. It has the features of:
    With axial discharge, the pressure of whitening chamber stable and less broken rice.
    With the technology of strong jet air and dragging wind, rice temperature is lower and the bran discharging effect is greatly improved.
    Special bearing structure makes the assemble and disassemble easier.
    The application of whole boxlike structure keeps the performance stable, and reliable.

    In recent years, rice milling machine industry has developed prosperously, which attracts favors from lots of investors. But investment in rice milling machine requires the investors to have enough professional knowledge about the machine, especially rice milling machine service life prolonging methods. Now, let’s learn something about how to prolong rice milling machine service life.


    1. Keep processing equipment in order to prolong rice milling machine service life. The tools, accessories and workpieces should be put in order. Rice milling machine safety guard device should be complete, and the pipelines should be complete.

    2. Keep processing equipment clean to prolong rice milling machine service life. Rice milling machine should be clean both inside and outside. Each sliding surface and screw, gear and rack should have no greasy dirt or bump. Each part should have no oil leak, water leak, gas leak or electricity leak; the cuttings waste should be cleaned up.

    3. Lubrication for prolonging rice milling machine service life. We should add oil or change oil to rice milling machine on time. The oil quality should meet the requirement. The oiler, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum and oil line should be clean and complete. The oil pointer is clear and the channel for oiling is unblocked.

    4. Safety for prolonging rice milling machine service life. We can carry out regulations for shifting of duty; keep familiar with rice milling machine structure and abide by the operation instructions. Use the rice milling machine reasonably, maintain the equipment carefully and prevent any accident.

    We can do everything from the specific details and usually form good habits. Only by doing this, can we ensure rice milling machine safe and reliable running and prolong rice milling machine service life.


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