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    MJXH29X8A Rice Grading Machinery for Thickness

    【Features】:Beautiful appearance, compact structure, easy operation, smooth running, durable and high yield, low power consumption, good grading effect.


    Brief Introduction:

    MJXH29X8A Rice Grading Machinery for Thickness is newly developed by means of advanced production technology, integrated the advantages of similar models at home and abroad .

    Grading by using different thickness of granular materials can separate broken grains and other fine particles or thin, simple and effective. It is easy for post-processing of materials, greatly improving processing effectiveness.

    MJXH29X8A Rice Grading Machinery for Thickness features beautiful appearance, compact structure, easy operation, smooth running, durable and high yield, low power consumption, good grading effect , and is widely used in rice milling plant to remove immature grains in brown rice, enabling enterprises to obtain higher economic efficiency.


    MJXH29X8A Rice Grading Machinery for Thickness Characteristics
    Using chain drive, reliable structure, accurate transmission, small transmission loss; Smooth running, small vibration, low noise, large output;
    Cylindrical screen using trapezoidal cross-section of stainless steel wire and obtain the national patent technology extremely elaborate manufacture technology, with high strength, wear resistant stainless, durable and separation the advantages of good effect, screen area of punching sieve cylinder by more than 50% larger than normal! Both increase added equipment production and reduce the user cost.
    Special feeding system with vibration feeding device, long service life, easy to change, Achieving a uniform feeding, accurate, and no leakage material and production;
    Unique sieve tube support structure, change of cylindrical screen easily, also for different materials needs;
    The key parts adopt international famous brand products, stable and reliable performance.
    Equipped with automatic cleaning device in screen cylinder, to prevent clogging and ensure the efficient and stable screening results.
    Equipped with dust collection devices, environmental protection and cleaning.

    Technical Parameters:

    Output(t/h): 6-8
    Power(kW): 1.5+0.37

    Any change of technical parameters, there is no further notice.

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